Webinar image 9Solvency and sustainability remain core issues for all organisations regardless of their purpose. In the case of Disability Services Providers, solvency and sustainability are placed at risk when a substantial change is made to the arrangements in place for funding. This webinar examines a number of issues related to Solvency and Sustainability and provides a set of key considerations for Boards and executives to think about and act on.

Learning Objectives:

As a result of viewing this webinar, participants should:

  1. Understand the concept of Working Capital in solvency terms;
  2. Appreciate the nature of accrual accounting and how estimates made can impact the future viability of an organisation
  3. Appreciate that capital assets replacement will need to be planned for and resources identified in order to ensure sustainability for service delivery; and
  4. Understand how to identify risks associated with the NDIS (i.e. often unintended consequences

Who should view this webinar:

  • Anyone interested in costing and pricing in Not-for-profit organisations especially in the area of disability services.
  • Particularly relevant to finance and management staff
  • Volunteer directors and CEOs
Duration: 20 min

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