Frequently asked questions

Do I need to be a NDS member to participant in the Learning Program?

The online program is freely available for individuals and organisations regardless of their membership status with NDS. There may be cost associated with participation in seminars.

Why do I have to register to access the Learning Program?
To fulfill reporting requirements associated with project funding, participants are asked to register to access the program. Only a limited amount of information is required.
I am a trainer, can I use the materials for my own use.

The material has been developed to enhance the knowledge base of the sector in regard to costing and pricing. Anyone intending to use the materials in the program are asked to provide suitable acknowledgment to NDS and Curtin NFP Initiative. Please contact the Project Manager Brian Kirk – 0418 517 811 for further details.

I am a financial professional, can I obtain professional development points for participating in the Learning Program.

We are currently in discussion with the Institute of Chartered Accountants; the intent is to address this question. Please contact Brian Kirk; NDS Project Manager - 0418 517 811 for further details.

I participated in a NSW Price is Right Workshop, how is this program different?

The Costing & Pricing Learning Program is a skilled based learning program, it builds on the National Costing and Pricing Framework, that aims to introduce management accounting principles to the sector. An understanding of the basic and fundermental principles of costing & pricing is suggested as a prior learning to maximise the beneift of advanced workshops.

How do I provide feedback about the program?

You can send your comments via the website comments section or email the Project Manager, Brian Kirk at

I wanted to register for a webinar, but missed the date. How do I access?

Webinars will be posted and be downloadable in the resource section of the cplp website after each scheduled webinar.


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